cmndbot 0.1 beta 1 released

Bart Thate bthate at
Sat Nov 28 00:40:19 CET 2009

So once again i bite the bullet because i can no longer wait on going
public with this.

I'm pleased to announce CMNDBOT 0.1 BETA1 to the world as this is the
first released of my port of GOZERBOT to the Google Application
Engine, enabling it on wave, web and xmpp.

I'll paste here the README to explain what it does:

CMNDBOT is a port of gozerbot to google wave platform. GOZERBOT needed
be completely rewritten as programs running on google application
(GAE) run within a CGI model which means that the bot get loaded on
request (unless its cached). Core functionality is available right now
most plugins need to be ported still. Besides wave the bot also
supports web
and jabber (XMPP) access.

this is the code that is being run by the bot and
free code (BSD license). you can clone it to run your own cmndbot or
just to read how things are being done. no fear in reading cmndbot
code !

as the name says cmndbot allows you to execute commands that you can
easily through the use of plugins.


from gozerlib.commands import cmnds

def handle_hello(bot, event):
    event.reply("hello %s" % event.userhost)

cmnds.add('hello', handle_hello, 'USER')

as of now a few gozerbot plugins are being ported to cmndbot, namely:

* eight ball
* ipcalc
* todo
* wikipedia
* infoitem
* gcalc

other plugins will follow but the focus is now mainly on the bots

CMNDBOT is accessible at (WEB) or
cmndbot at (WAVE/XMPP).

A gadget is also in the works at
but it only works with google chrome for now .. my javascript skills
are very *kuch* young ;]

actualy this code is still young as docs are mostely missing and the
bot really needs to be tested, but thats what this release is for,
rememer this is still version 0.1 !

code is at

I hope people are interested in developing this bot with me, if you do
you can contact me at bthate at or bthate at


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