ciss-0.1: code-centered ISSUES.txt issue tracking

holger krekel holger at
Sat Nov 28 01:35:19 CET 2009

Hi all,

just released ciss-0.1, my attempt at (what i call)
code-centered issue tracking.

ciss is:

- a command line tool for managing your ISSUES.txt
- code-centered: associate issues to files in your project
- extensible: assign tags for status/milestone/custom usage.
- ueber-powerful issue editing: your text editor!
- well tested (more tests than code)

If that appeals to you check it out:

And in case you wonder, why i don't use pitz or ditz?
For one, I don't want to edit my issues from an
interactive Python prompt, sorry.  Second, they create
directories and pickle-files and whatnot - i just
want to keep a plain text file for a number of projects
and using a text editor and a nice cmdline tool
is the fastest way i can imagine.

Oh, and I do see use in web-based issue interaction but
keeping issues close-to-code (tm) and easy-to-edit (tm)
is just so much more fun.  Besides, i believe 'ciss'
could learn to round-trip with existing trackers.

anyway, have fun,

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