python-graph-1.6.2 released

Pedro Matiello pmatiello at
Thu Oct 1 00:07:04 CEST 2009

release 1.6.2 

python-graph is a library for working with graphs in Python. 

This software provides a suitable data structure for representing 
graphs and a whole set of important algorithms. 

The code is appropriately documented and API reference is generated 
automatically by epydoc. 

Provided features and algorithms: 

 * Support for directed, undirected, weighted and non-weighted graphs
 * Support for hypergraphs
 * Canonical operations
 * XML import and export
 * DOT-Language output (for usage with Graphviz)
 * Random graph generation

 * Accessibility (transitive closure)
 * Breadth-first search
 * Critical path algorithm 
 * Cut-vertex and cut-edge identification 
 * Depth-first search
 * Heuristic search (A* algorithm)
 * Identification of connected components
 * Minimum spanning tree (Prim's algorithm)
 * Mutual-accessibility (strongly connected components)
 * Shortest path search (Dijkstra's algorithm)
 * Topological sorting
 * Transitive edge identification 

The 1.6.x series is our refactoring series. Along the next releases,
we'll change the API so we can better prepare the codebase to new
features. If you want a softer, directed transition, upgrade your code
to every release in the 1.6.x series. On the other hand, if you'd
rather fix everything at once, you can wait for 1.7.0.

(tar.bz2, zip and egg packages are available.)


If you have easy_install on your system, you can simply run: 
# easy_install python-graph-core

And, optionally, for Dot-Language support: 
# easy_install python-graph-dot

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