Python Ireland presents October Talks @ Seagrass Restaurant, Dublin (19:00)

Vicky Lee whykay at
Wed Oct 7 11:12:43 CEST 2009

Hi All,

14th October 2009, 19:00

Seagrass Restaurant,
30 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2--a short walk from Charlemont Luas stop (
map <>)

19:00-19:30    Vishal Vatsa: IPython: The awesome python shell
19:30-20:00    Rory Geoghegan: Cocoa and the Python/C API
20:00-20:30    Open floor: Lightning Talks

Please note that the only caveat for the free venue is that we buy tapas and
drink while we are there, I'm sure that's not a problem.

I've booked for 20-25 people, hopefully we won't be too cramped in the room,
so turn up early if you want a seat.


/// Vicky

P.S.: I've never been to Seagrass, but I have read some good feedback about
the function room from the Ruby Ireland event.

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