Docutils 0.6 released

grubert at grubert at
Mon Oct 12 08:56:13 CEST 2009

Good morning,

Release 0.6 is out. Changes are :

* Two new writers for ODT and manpage (so there is no excuse for python
   software not having a manpage anymore).

* Python2.2 is no longer supported. Release 0.6 is compatible with
   Python versions from 2.3 up to 2.6 and convertible to 3.1 code.

* The "newlatex" writer is orphaned.

* The LaTeX2e writer sports templates now and is the most active worked
   on part. There might be some suprises due to new defaults, but we tried
   to minimize breakage and choose sensible defaults.

* The HTML writer supports a comma separated list of stylesheets.

* Some changes to reStructuredText

many thanks to all contributors.

have a nice start into a new week.


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