Setuptools 0.6c10 released

P.J. Eby pje at
Mon Oct 19 21:43:22 CEST 2009

The long-overdue setuptools 0.6c10 update is now available on PyPI, at:

Major updates and fixes include:

* Support for SVN 1.6 and Python 2.6
* Fix for the Python 2.6.3 build_ext API change
* Support for the most recent Sourceforge download link insanity
* Fix for Vista UAC errors running easy_install.exe or other
   "installer-looking" executables
* Fix for errors launching 64-bit Windows Python
* Stop crashing on certain types of HTTP error
* Stop re-trying URLs that already failed retrieval once
* Fixes for various dependency management problems such as looping
   builds, re-downloading packages already present on sys.path (but not
   in a registered "site" directory), and randomly preferring local -f
   packages over local installed packages
* Prevent lots of spurious "already imported from another path" warnings
   (e.g. when pkg_resources is imported late)
* Ensure C libraries (as opposed to extensions) are also built when
   doing bdist_egg

Other changes:

* Misc. documentation fixes
* Improved Jython support
* Fewer warnings under Python 2.6+
* Warn when 'packages' uses paths instead of package names (because it
   causes other problems, like spurious "already imported" warnings)
* Stop using /usr/bin/sw_vers on Mac OS (replaced w/'platform' module

You can install the updated version using easy_install (or pip!), 
asking for setuptools==0.6c10.

(Note for users of Distribute: Distribute and setuptools use the same 
package name 'setuptools', and thus cannot both be present on the 
same sys.path (e.g. in the same virtualenv).  If you wish to switch a 
given environment from Distribute to setuptools or vice versa, you 
will need to completely uninstall one before installing the 
other.  If you currently have Distribute installed, please follow 
Distribute's uninstall instructions if you wish to reinstall setuptools.)

Please report any bugs to the setuptools bug tracker at:

For faster response to questions, please use the distutils-sig 
mailing list, rather than the tracker.  Setuptools documentation can 
be found via links at 
-- and the pages on the PEAK wiki now load much, much faster than 
they did a few months ago.  (They're static cached pages now, rather 
than dynamically generated, unless you're actually logged into the wiki.)

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