Setuptools 0.6c11 released

P.J. Eby pje at
Tue Oct 20 16:15:28 CEST 2009


Due to a couple of last-minute issues with the 0.6c10 release, I've 
released an 0.6c11 update at:

It fixes an error when running the "sdist" command on a package with 
no README, and includes the 64-bit Windows fix that was promised in 
0.6c10 but wasn't actually checked in to SVN.

You can install the updated version using easy_install (or pip!), by 
asking for setuptools==0.6c11.

The Fine Print

(Note for users of Distribute: Distribute and setuptools use the same 
package name 'setuptools', and thus cannot both be present on the 
same sys.path (e.g. in the same virtualenv).  If you wish to switch a 
given environment from Distribute to setuptools or vice versa, you 
will need to completely uninstall one before installing the 
other.  If you currently have Distribute installed, please follow 
Distribute's uninstall instructions if you wish to reinstall setuptools.)

Please report any bugs to the setuptools bug tracker at:

For faster response to questions, please use the distutils-sig 
mailing list, rather than the tracker.  Setuptools documentation can 
be found via links at 
-- and the pages on the PEAK wiki now load much, much faster than 
they did a few months ago.  (They're static cached pages now, rather 
than dynamically generated, unless you're actually logged into the wiki.)

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