ANN: XYZCommander-0.0.2

Max E. Kuznecov syhpoon at
Thu Oct 22 23:22:43 CEST 2009

I'm pleased to announce the XYZCommander version 0.0.2!

XYZCommander is a pure console visual file manager.
Main features:

    * Tight integration with python run–time system — most of the
settings can be changed "on the fly" via management console.
    * Powerful configuration system - define own actions, aliases,
internal commands, key bindings.
    * Extensible plug-in system - even core functionality implemented
mainly using plug–ins, keeping base system small and clean.
    * Events & hooks subsystem - a flexible way of reacting on certain
system events.
    * Customizable look-n-feel - every widget component look can be
changed via skins.
    * Unicode support

XYZCommander runs on *nix platform and requires python version >= 2.5
and urwid library.

Change log for 0.0.2:

* [UI] New box widget: ButtonBox.
Widget shows a dialog box with custom buttons.

* [UI] New method :sys:panel:get_active()
Method returns list of tagged VFSObject instances or list of single selected
object if none tagged.

* [UI] New method :sys:panel:get_current().
Method returns VFSObject instance of current directory.

* [UI] New method :sys:panel:vfs_driver().
Method returns vfs driver used by current object

* [UI] New method :sys:cmd:put().
Method allows to put arbitrary string to command line.

* [UI] New method :sys:panel:search_cycle().
Method allows to search objects in current
working directory in direction downwards-from up to selected file.
Set this method as default binding for META-S.

* [PLUGIN] New method :vfs:vfsutils:remove()
Method shows a dialog for [recursively] deleting VFSObjects.
Bound to F8.

* [PLUGIN] New method :vfs:vfsutils:copy()
Method shows a dialog for [recursively] copying VFSObjects.
Bound to F5.

* [PLUGIN] New method :vfs:vfsutils:move()
Method shows a dialog for [recursively] moving VFSObjects.
Bound to F6.

* [PLUGIN] New plugin :misc:where.
Plugin provides an ability to load/restore path locations on both panels

* [PLUGIN] New plugin :fsrules:magic.
Plugin adds an ability to match files based on magic database.

* [VFS] Implemented Tar VFS module. Default actions set to use it on
*.tar, *.tar.gz and *.tar.bz2 named files.

* [CORE] New events and hooks mechanism.
It is now possible to set own hooks on all events.

* [SKINS] New box rule attribute - input.
It is used for any text input widgets


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