New mds-utils release (1.2.0)

Michele De Stefano micdestefano at
Wed Oct 28 00:20:43 CET 2009

mds-utils 1.2.0 have been released.

Release Notes:

	- Improved python/fileobj.hpp: now there are 3 helper file objects
	  and they are copy-constructible. Derivation from boost::python::object
	  has been mantained.
	- Added utilities for indexing support in Python extensions.
	- Added boost::python converters for some boost::numeric::ublas classes.

What is mds-utils ?

mds-utils is a library intended to become a collection of several C++ utilities.
It makes heavy usage of the Boost C++ libraries.

Release 1.2.0 contains:
	- a tool for detecting machine endianity.
	- some useful classes that allow to treat the old C FILE pointer as a
C++ stream.
	- C++ classes that help on treating Python file objects as C++ streams.
	- simple utilities for indexing support in Python extensions.
	- new C++ to-Python and from-Python converters for some Boost uBlas objects.

Project home:

Michele De Stefano

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