PyCon 2010 - Call for Tutorials

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at
Sat Sep 5 14:29:56 CEST 2009

The Tutorial Committee for PyCon 2010 in Atlanta is now accepting proposals
for classes.  This year will feature 2 days of classes prior to the
"official" conference.  These classes are 3-hour long sessions concentrating
on specific Python packages or techniques and are taught by some of the
smartest cookies in the Python Universe.  Anything Python may be submitted
for consideration but there are a limited number of sessions to be filled.
Topics taught or requested over the past two years include:

* Python 101 - An introduction to programming Python, either for complete
beginners or programmers experienced in other languages.

* Python 201 - There has been repeated requests for classes covering
"intermediate" topics; data structures, database techniques,
classes/objects, standard library, eggs, etc.

* Python 401 - Classes covering "advanced" topics;
multi-processing/concurrency, iterators/generators, OOP, etc.

* Web Topics - Frameworks, web testing, design, security, scraping.

* Scientific Python - MatLab, SciPy

* Testing - Frameworks, methods

* GUI - Dabo, wxPython, TkInter, etc.

*  More: XML, GIS, SQLAlchemy, Jython, System Administration

More information, including a sample proposal and blank template, are at

Questions?  Email us at pycon-tutorials at

Greg Lindstrom

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