PyCon 2010 (Atlanta) Call For Tutorials

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at
Fri Sep 18 01:29:02 CEST 2009

The period to submit proposals for PyCon 2010 in Atlanta is open until
October 18th.  Tutorial are held the two days prior to the main conference
and feature 3-hour classes led by fellow Python developers and
enthusiasts *just
like you*.  Any topic relating to Python is allowed and the organizers
encourage anyone who wants to share their knowledge to submit their ideas
for consideration.  Perennial classes include "Introduction to Python" for
various audiences (beginners, programmers, those new to Django and web
frameworks, etc.), intermediate Python (standard library, module/packages,
objects, etc.) and more specialized topics (SciPy/Matlab, unit and web
testing, optimization) as well as general topics such as "Best Practices"
for web programming, objects, libraries.  There is even interest in a class
to show how to organize, design, write and distribute an Open Source
project.  Any topic relating to Python is eligible.

Tutorial teachers are paid $1,000.00 per class for their efforts.

Interested (we hope so!)?  More information is available at  or write us at
pycon-tutorials at

We look forward to hearing from YOU.

Greg Lindstrom
Tutorial Coordinator, PyCon 2010 (Atlanta)

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