ANN: Hypy 0.8.4

Cory Dodt corydodt at
Sun Sep 20 09:25:47 CEST 2009

Hypy is a fulltext search interface for Python applications. Use it to index
and search your documents from Python code. Hypy is based on the
estraiernative bindings by Yusuke Yoshida.

* Fast, scalable
* Perfect recall ratio by N-gram method
* High precision by hybrid mechanism of N-gram and morphological analyzer
* Phrase search, regular expressions, attribute search (including numeric
and date comparisons), and similarity search
* Simple and powerful API

Homepage, downloads, everything, etc.:

This is of course on pypi and can be installed with easy_install.  You will
need Hyper Estraier installed to use it.

Release Version 0.8.4 (2009.09.19)

Bugfix release.

* It is now possible to construct an attribute-only search with None for
  search phrase.

All known bugs are now fixed.


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