python-colormath 1.0.5 Released

Greg Taylor gtaylor at
Tue Sep 29 15:46:28 CEST 2009

An error in the CIE2000 Delta E equation has been found and corrected,
necessitating the immediate release of python-colormath 1.0.5. All
users of the 1.x series are encouraged to upgrade to avoid this
mathematical error.

What new in 1.0.5?
* The examples and unit tests may be ran directly from their
directories now, without installing the package.
* Updated the file to include the examples and LICENSE.txt
file in the source distribution.
* Fixed a small error in the CIE2000 Delta E formula. This could had
resulted in some minor skew in calculations.

What is python-colormath?
python-colormath is a developer-oriented module that abstracts a
number of color math operations behind a small set of classes
representing color spaces (IE: RGB, CIE Lab, XYZ, and LCH, etc.).
Color conversions, delta E comparisons, and density calculations are
all relatively involved, but are hid behind the simple API.

Where is python-colormath?
Getting Started/Website/Development:



Gregory Taylor

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