JSONBOT 0.1 released

Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 14:29:11 CEST 2010

Introducing JSONBOT

JSONBOT is a bot that stores all its data in json format. It runs on
the Google Application Engine and can thus support wave, web and xmpp.
Standalone programms are provided for IRC and console, the goal is to
let both clientside and GAE side communicate through JSON either over

this bot needs google_appengine installed in your home dir

JSONBOT provides the following programs:
sb - console version of jsonbot
jsb-irc - IRC version of jsonbot
jsb-run - run a release in the GAE dev_appserver
jsb-release - create a new release directory
jsb-upload - upload a release to the GAE

JSONBOT 0.1 contains the following plugins:

8b - eight ball
admin - administator related commands
ask - plugin for asking "experts" a question
choice - choice out of a list .. used in pipelines
core - core bot commands
count - count the numbers in a resutl .. used in pipelines
gadget - wave gadget support
gcalc - use google to calculate
gozernet - connect multiple JSONBOTs through xmpp
grep - grep the result .. used in pipelines
hubbub - pubsubhubbub plugin providing subscribe functionality
ipcalc - ipcalculator
irc - IRC related commands
misc - other commands
more - do a more on buffered output
not - negated grep .. used in pipelines
outputcache - show outputcache data
relay - relay to other waves/xmpp account
reload - reloading of plugins
reverse - reverse the result .. also used in pipelines
sort - sort the result .. used in pipelines
tail - tail the result .. used in pipelines
tinyurl - get a tinyurl
uniq - make the result unique .. used in pipelines
user - user management
userstate - userstate management
watcher - watch waves .. get notified in xmpp
wave - wave related commands
welcome - welcome messages shown in the gadget
wikipedia - query wikipedia

To upload your own bot do the following:

you need an account on the Google Application Engine. see

1) run jsb-release yourbotname - this will create a uploadable dir
2) run jsb-upload yourbotname

this enables web and xmpp, for wave you need to do the following:

2) go to https://wave.google.com/wave/robot/register and register
3) edit ~/regs/yourbotname/ dir and copy the verification token and
secret to the credentials.py file
4) run jsb-release yourbotname
4) run jsb-upload  yourbotname
5) once its uploaded click the "verify" button
6) copy the consumer key and secret to the credentials.py file en run
jsb-upload again
7) done !

Now you should be able to do the following:

1) visit the website at http://yourbotname.appspot.com
2) add the bot as Jabber buddy at yourbotn... at appspot.com
3) the same as wave bot
4) on joining a wave the bot loads a gadget from http://yourbotname.appspot.com/gadget.xml
5) manifest to add your bot to the waves newwave menu use

JSONBOT is open source (MIT license) and free to clone when needed,
patches welcomed though ;]

home: http://jsonbot.googlecode.com/
demo: http://jsonbot.appspot.com/
wave/xmpp: jsonbot at appspot.com
contact: bthate at gmail.com

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