PyOhio Call for Proposals

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Sat Apr 3 03:35:13 CEST 2010

PyOhio Call For Proposals 2010

PyOhio 2010, the third annual Python programming conference for Ohio and the
surrounding region, will take place Saturday-Sunday, July 31-Aug 1, 2010 at
the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. A variety of activities are
planned, including tutorials, scheduled talks, Lightning Talks, Open Spaces
and Sprints.

PyOhio invites all interested people to submit proposals for scheduled
talks, tutorials, and panels. All topics of interest to Python programmers
will be considered. Standard presentation slots will be 40 minutes plus a 10
minute question-and-answer period.

PyOhio is especially interested in hosting a Beginner's Track for those new
to Python or new to programming in general. If your proposal would be
suitable for inclusion in a Beginner's Track, please indicate so. Organizers
will work with speakers and instructors in the Beginner's Track to help them
coordinate their talks/tutorials into a smooth, coherent learning curve for
new Python users.

To ensure that you provide all necessary information, please use the
submission template provided below. If organizing a panel, please confirm
all panelists' intention to participate before submitting your proposal.

PyOhio may record presentations for later release over the web. Presenters
will need to sign a release of recording rights to PyOhio; see

All proposals should be emailed to cfp at for review. Please submit
proposals by May 10, 2010. Accepted speakers will be notified by May 24.

You can read more about the conference at If you have
questions about proposals, please email cfp at You can also contact
the PyOhio organizers at pyohio-organizers at


.. Proposal submission template for PyOhio 2010

.. Columbus, OH July 31 - Aug 1, 2010

.. Information at or pyohio-organizers at

.. Submit by May 10, 2010 to cfp at

.. Template uses reStructuredText format:

Presentation Title

:Type: (one of) talk, hands-on tutorial, panel, ...

:Presenter: presenter name <presenter at>

:Python level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, any, ...

:Moderator: moderator name <moderator at> (panels only)

:Panelists: panelist 1, panelist 2, panelist 3 (panels only)


Here, give a description of your event's topic, suitable for printing in the
PyOhio event booklet. Aim for 150 words or less.  It should help attendees
decide whether the event is right for them.

Extended description

Here, give more details to help the program committee evaluate your
proposal. This will not be published in the program guide. Include anything
that will help the committee understand your proposal.

If you are requesting a slot different from the standard 40 + 10 minutes,
explain what you require and why.


Outline the overall structure for your talk. This portion will not be
included in the program guide, but will be used by the program committee; a
good outline shows that you have begun well-organized preparation. Panel
proposals don't need outlines, since they are fundamentally unpredictable.

I. Cats

   a. Small carnivores
   b. Dangers

      1. Tripping hazard
      2. Bite toes

II. Dogs



A brief biography of you and/or the panelists, for publication in the
program guide: anything about you that you'd like attendees to know. 100
words or less, or 200 for panels with multiple panelists.

Recording release

I will sign the recording release agreement (text at

.. Email to to cfp at by May 10, 2010

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