PyAMF 0.6b2

Nick Joyce nick at
Fri Aug 13 00:40:29 CEST 2010

I am pleased to announce the release of PyAMF 0.6b2.

PyAMF implements Adobe's ActionScript Message Format [0] such that Python applications can natively talk to Flash and Air applications.

Highlights of this release:

 * A huge performance boost, especially for the c-extensions. Current benchmarks put this around an order of magnitude faster than PyAMF 0.5.1 (pure python version is around 30% faster)
 * Dropped support for Python 2.3, a start to a march to Python 3 compatibility
 * Provide support for Django >= 1.2 and SQLAlchemy >= 0.6
 * Switched the client from httplib to urllib2 and provided support for session cookies, gzip encoded responses and more!
 * Provided support for AppEngine's BlobReferenceProperty
 * Property synonyms are now supported.
 * Default AMF version has been switched from AMF0 to AMF3

For a detailed list of changes, see the change log [1].

Check out the download page [2] and installation instructions [3].

Got questions? First stop is the mailing list [4] or IRC [5].



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