pc.py 0.0.3, process control -- easy fork-exec and pipe with I/O redirection

Anh Hai Trinh anh.hai.trinh at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 21:29:12 CEST 2010

I'd like to announce an early release of pc.py.

pc.py is a layer on top of subprocess. The subprocess module
supports a rich API but is clumsy for many common use cases,
namely sync/async fork-exec, command substitution and pipelining,
all of which is trivial to do on system shells.

The goal is to make Python a sane alternative to non-trivial shell scripts.


  * Easy to fork-exec commands, wait or no wait
  * Easy to capture stdout/stderr of children (command substitution)
  * Easy to express I/O redirections
  * Easy to construct pipelines
  * Use short names for easy interactive typing

Documentation is at <http://github.com/aht/pc.py/>.

This module depends on Python 2.6, or where subprocess is available.
Doctests require /bin/sh to pass. Tested on Linux.

This is an alpha release. Expect bugs.


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