Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 18:23:25 CEST 2010

Hello world !

I just released version 0.3 of JSONBOT. JSONBOT is a remote event
driven framework for building bots that talk JSON to each other over

This distribution provides bots built on this framework for console,
IRC, XMPP for the shell and WWW and XMPP for the Google Application

JSONBOT 0.3 provides the following programs:

jsb - console version of jsonbot
jsb-import - import data from another bot
jsb-installplug - install remote plugins
jsb-irc - IRC version of jsonbot (socket)
jsb-xmpp - XMPP version of jsonbot (socket)
jsb-fleet - mix IRC and XMPP bots
jsb-release - create a new release directory
jsb-rollback - rollback a release
jsb-run - run a release in the GAE dev_appserver
jsb-stop - stop a running bot
jsb-upload - upload a release to the GAE

A plugin infrastructure is in place to program the functionality that
is needed.

JSONBOT 0.3 plugins:

8b - eight ball
admin - administator related commands
alias - keep aliases (per user)
ask - plugin for asking "experts" a question
choice - choice out of a list .. used in pipelines
controlchar - set the control character of a channel
forward - forward events of a channel to another bot
clone - clone waves into new ones
core - core bot commands
count - count the numbers in a result .. used in pipelines
data - provide data dumps of channels, bots, events
fleet - support multiple bots in a running instance (list of bots)
gae - provide GAE commands like flush cache or cache stats
gadget - wave gadget support
gcalc - use google to calculate
grep - grep the result .. used in pipelines
hubbub - pubsubhubbub plugin providing subscribe functionality
ipcalc - ipcalculator
irc - IRC related commands
jsondata - enable/disable sharing of files through the jsonserver (not
enabled right now)
kickban - channel control commands for IRC
misc - other commands
more - do a more on buffered output
nickcapture - retake nick (IRC)
nickserv - nickserver support (IRC)
not - negated grep .. used in pipelines
outputcache - show outputcache data
rss - provide RSS and Atom pollers
relay - relay to other waves/xmpp
restserver - provide REST functionality to the bot
reload - reloading of plugins
reverse - rever see the result .. also used in pipelines
seen - keep track of users
shop - keep shopping lists
sort - sort the result .. used in pipelines
tail - tail the result .. used in pipelines
test - test commands
tinyurl - get a tinyurl
todo - keep a todo list
underauth - undernet auth support (IRC)
uniq - make the result unique .. used in pipelines
user - user management
userstate - userstate management
watcher - watch channels that get forwarded to the bot.
wave - wave related commands
weather - show weather in a city
welcome - welcome messages shown in the gadget
wikipedia - query wikipedia
xmpp - xmpp related functions account

Project home is at http://jsonbot.googlecode.com

Have fun with it!

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