ANNOUNCE: omniORB 4.1.5 and omniORBpy 3.5

Duncan Grisby duncan-news at
Thu Dec 23 00:24:37 CET 2010

omniORB 4.1.5 and omniORBpy 3.5 are now available. omniORB is a high
performance, robust CORBA implementation for C++; omniORBpy is a
version for Python.

For more details, see

These are primarily bug fix releases, with a number of minor new
features, including:

 - Incoming SSL connections can time out waiting for SSL_accept to

 - Ability to disable longdouble support during compilation.

 - Support for building with the newest versions of Cygwin.

 - Python interceptors can receive peer address and identity.

 - Python exceptions can be pickled.

Files are available for download from SourceForge:

Source packages are available now. Windows binaries for various VC++ and
Python versions will be available shortly.



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