[ANN] python-gtkmvc 1.99.1

Roberto Cavada cavada at fbk.eu
Thu Dec 30 19:31:52 CET 2010

We are proud to announce that version 1.99.1 of pygtkmvc has been

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About pygtkmvc

pygtkmvc is a fully Python-based implementation of the
Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Observer patterns for the PyGTK2

MVC is a pattern that can be successfully used to design and
develop well structured GUI applications. The MVC pattern
basically helps in separating semantics and data of the
application, from their representation.

The Observer pattern helps to weaken dependencies among parts
that should be separated, but need to be connected each other.

pygtkmvc provides a powerful and still simple infrastructure to
help designing and implement GUI applications based on the MVC
and Observer patterns.

The framework has been designed to be:

* Essential and small, it does only what it was designed for.
* Not an external dependency for your application: it fits in
   200KB and can be released along with it.
* Easy to understand and to use; fully documented.
* Portable: straightly runs under many platforms.

License: LGPL

* Dec 30 2010                                                        *

Released version 1.99.1

This is a release that keeps compatibility with previous version
1.99.0. However, some features provided in 1.99.0 are deprecated
in 1.99.1.

This version goes in the direction of stabilizing the API and
making the code more robust. Many bugs were fixed, and a new,
clean API is now provided for defining notification methods in
observers, and logical observable properties in models.

The documentation has been updated and extended to reflect all
changes, and a complete Library Reference is now
available. Furthermore, the documentation now uses Sphinx instead
of Latex to generate both pdf and html documentation formats.

Last but not the least, the team grew up!

* New

   - Models now feature Logical Observable Properties, along with
     already supported Concrete Observable Properties.

   - In Observers notification methods have all the same
     prototype, which make much cleaner the application code.

   - New mechanism to declare both dynamically and statically
     notification methods in Observers.

   - Auto-adapt of FileChooserButton, ComboBox and Adjustment

   - API to extend default adapter list

   - More widget types now correctly cast when adapted to
     unicode/int/float properties.

   - Enable RoUserClassAdapter to update the widget.  It used to
     only do it when connecting, not on property changes.  This
     makes the built-in support for gtk.Calendar work in both

   - Controller's method adapt() allows auto-adaption even if the
     view does not have corresponding widgets for *all* properties
     in the model.

   - Adapters can optionally call prop_write *instead of* casting
     the value from the widget to the type of the old property
     value. This was the intended behaviour all along. Default is
     still to call it after the cast.

   - Decorators for property setters/getters in models. The
     methods can now have arbitrary names and you are no longer
     limited to one property per method.

* Changed

   - Name-based notification methods like
     `property_<name>_value_change` are still supported, but their
     usage is now discouraged. A new mechanism for declaring
     notifications is now available, and you should consider
     porting applications accordingly.

   - Decorator Observer.observes is now deprecated. A new
     mechanism for declaring notifications is now available, and
     you should consider porting applications accordingly.

   - Support GtkBuilder in addition to libglade, which is no
     longer required.  This changed the signature of the View
     constructor. The two formats are not equivalent, as GTK
     cannot build only parts of a file.

   - Allow creation of adapters that act on spurious

   - Use less eval(codestring)
     This changed how adapters create
     observer functions. If you have adapter subclasses you will
     have to adjust them.

   - Misuse of the framework that used to exit your application
     can now be caught as exceptions.

   - Fewer warnings printed by the framework. Remember to increase
     the logging level during development.

* Fixed

   - Assigning a tuple with length 3 to a property no longer

   - Pass the correct model when emitting notifications for an
     inherited signal. This changes how all property wrappers
     track their owners, but your code should not be affected.

   - Wrapped sequences lacked crucial special methods like len and

   - Inspecting wrappers no longer omits the class name.

   - Various changes to make SQLObjectModel actually usable.

   - Wrapping more than one sequence class could cause the wrong
     methods to be called on all but the last instance
     created. This did not affect programs that only use the
     built-in list type.

   - Mutable instances that used to be assigned to properties
     would notify of their changes even after being replaced in
     the model.

   - No more errors from static container adapters you didn't

   - Multiple concurrent iterators on views no longer steal each
     other widgets.

Many thanks to Christian Spoer for narrowing down a bug and to
Tobias Weber for joining the team.

Roberto Cavada

<P><A HREF="http://pygtkmvc.sourceforge.net">pygtkmvc 1.99.1</A> -
Pygtk MVC is a thin, multiplatform framework that helps to design
and develop GUI applications based on the PyGTK toolkit. (30-Dec-10)

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