execnet-1.0.5 released: doc & finalization fixes

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Sun Feb 7 17:44:30 CET 2010

execnet is a small and stable pure-python library for working with local or 
remote clusters of Python interpreters, with ease.  It supports seamless
instantiation of and interaction with remote interpreters through the 
'ssh' command line tool.  It supports Python 2.4-3.1, Jython-2.5.1 and pypy-c.

The 1.0.5 release is a minor backward compatible release with these changes: 

- more care during receiver-thread finalization during interp-shutdown,
  should get rid of annoying and meaningless exceptions
- fix glitch in ssh-fileserver example 
- experimentally add "setup.py test" support - will run py.test 

More info here:




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