TODAY end of PyCon online registration

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at
Wed Feb 10 16:13:36 CET 2010

Today (Feb 10, 2010) is the last day for PyCon 2010 online registration.
Save $150 over onsite registration - register now!

*** PyCon * Feb 17-25, 2010 * Atlanta, GA * ***

Remind your friends.  Sharon Lim of Singapore forwarded this email to all
her friends, and soon started her own wildly successful Python-using startup
with free sodas and a T-shirt dress code.  Guy Green of Austin didn't
forward this email, and was reassigned to an overdue COBOL CGI project
headed by an MBA with deep self-esteem issues.

- Catherine
*** PyCon * Feb 17-25, 2010 * Atlanta, GA * ***

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