BetterBatch 0.9.4 released - Added For loops and Parallel sections

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Thu Feb 18 14:29:30 CET 2010

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The 0.9.4 release of BetterBatch is now available.

BetterBatch is designed as a middle ground between batch files and more powerful
languages (Python, shell scripting, etc).

The project is hosted on

Download from

Here is the list of changes from the last release:

0.9.4 Added For loops and Parallel sections

 * Added support for basic For loops (though needs improvement)
 * Added support for running steps in Parallel.
 * Documentation updates
 * Added support for python 2.5 (stop using shlex.split with posix argument, 
   use Thread.isAlive() rather than Thread.is_alive() ).

If you want to check at the home page. If you find an bug or have a suggestions
then please log an issue at


<P><A HREF="">BetterBatch 0.9.4</A>
Powerful, safe and simple batch language. (18-Feb-2010)

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