CMNDBOT 0,.1 released

Bart Thate bthate at
Sun Jan 3 03:41:19 CET 2010

new in this release:

* updated the repository to GZRBOT code
* a outputcache and poller gadget is now available to support writing
to waves (right now the poller polls every minute)
* RSS plugin looks stable


* make gozernet work .. this lets GZRBOT bots communicate with each
other by using json over xmpp
* use this to implement wave <-> IRC relaying
* port monitoring of bot output
* port karma plugin
* port quote plugin



cmndbot at

about CMNDBOT:

CMNDBOT is a port of GOZERBOT to the Google Application Engine. It
supports wave, web and xmpp. It has a plugin structure that lets you
add commands or register callbacks for events. License is BSD

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