PyCon early-bird ends TOMORROW (Jan 6)

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at
Tue Jan 5 16:02:16 CET 2010

PyCon early-bird registration discounts end TOMORROW, Jan. 6.

The time for raw panic has arrived.  Run into the nearest open public
place.  Wave your arms in the air, tear your hair, and scream wildly.
Sobbing hysterically is a nice touch.

Or, if all that sounds too tiring for you, just stop by and register.

After tomorrow, rates will go from wonderfully-cheap $450/300/400
(corporate/individual/student) to still-pretty-darn-cheap $600/350/225.

Remind your friends!  See you in Atlanta!
- Catherine
*** PyCon * Feb 17-25, 2010 * Atlanta, GA * ***

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