ANN: XYZCommander-0.0.3

Max E. Kuznecov mek at
Sun Jan 17 01:06:23 CET 2010

I'm pleased to announce the XYZCommander version 0.0.3!

XYZCommander is a pure console visual file manager.

Main features:

    * Tight integration with python run–time system — most of the
settings can be changed "on the fly" using management console.
    * Powerful configuration system - define own actions, aliases,
internal commands, key bindings.
    * Extensible plug-in system - even core functionality implemented
mainly using plug–ins, keeping base system small and clean.
    * Events & hooks subsystem - a flexible way of reacting on certain
system events.
    * Customizable look-n-feel - every widget component look can be
changed using skins.
    * Unicode support

Download page:

Change log for 0.0.3:

XYZCommander changelog

New features
* Python2.4 support
* Permanents filters
* Custom sorting
* High-color mode support with urwid >= 0.9.9
* New command line options: -c colors and -s skin
* XYZCommander's system prefix can be set using XYZCMD_PREFIX environment
variable in case of custom installation, by default it is equal to sys.prefix.

* New internal cmd "alias" is used to print all xyzcmd's aliases.

* New DSL method - section().
Return whole configuration section contents as a dictionary or None.

* New DSL method - fsrule().
Return libxyz.core.FSRule instance from string.

* New DSL method - palette().
Create internal palette object.

* New DSL method - skin().
Make and register new skin.

* New option 'term_colors' in It defines color mode.
Valid values are: 1, 16 (default), 88 and 256. It also can be defined
using -c command line flag.

* New method :sys:panel:get_untagged()
Method returns list of not tagged VFSObject instances.

* New method :core:shell:echo()
Method allows to show any custom string similar to command output.

* Added two hooks to :sys:cmd plugin to save command history on
exit and to restore its contents upon startup.

* :core:shell receives a 'wait' configuration flag, indicating
whether to wait for user input after command executed.

* :core:shell receives a 'setup_shell' configuration flag,
indicating whether to run system shell-specific initialization.

* :sys:panel receives five new filter-related variables:
filters_enable - enables object filtering
filters_policy - dtermines filtering policy
fitlers - list of FSRules to be sequentially applied on objects
sorting_policy - Active sorting policy name or None
sorting - Defined sorting policies. Each key corresponds to a policy
name and value is either a function with two arguments (VFSObject)
behaving like cmp() or a list of those functions.
If value is a list, each function applied sequentially.

* New method :sys:panel:filter
Method takes a list of VFSObject objects and filters out entries according to
filters defined in plugin configuration.

* New method :sys:panel:sort
Method takes a list of VFSObject objects and sorts entries according to
sorting policy defined in plugin configuration.

* New shortcut - (META-=) to quickly change directory in active panel
to the same as in the inactive one.

* Skins were completely reworked. Now skin file uses python syntax and
DSL helper functions: skin and palette to define new skin

* High-color mode now supported with urwid version >= 0.9.9.

* New high-color mode skin added - lighty.


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