execnet-1.0.3: safer ssh-interpreter termination

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Mon Jan 18 14:32:08 CET 2010

execnet is a small and stable pure-python library for working with local or 
remote clusters of Python interpreters, with ease.  It supports seamless
instantiation of remote interpreters through the 'ssh' command line binary. 

The 1.0.3 release is a minor backward compatible release with these changes: 

- refine termination: CTRL-C and gateway.exit will 
  now try harder to interrupt remote execution.  this 
  helps to avoid left-over ssh-processes.
- fix read-on-non-blocking-files issue probably related to jython only:  
  the low-level read on subprocess pipes may be non-blocking, returning 
  less bytes than requested - so we now loop.
- Windows/python2.4: fix bug that killing subprocesses would fail
- make RemoteError and TimeoutError available directly on execnet namespace
- fix some doc and test issues (thanks thm and ronny), add ssh_fileserver example
- update internal copy of apipkg
- always skip remote tests if no ssh specs given

More info here:




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