Bento 0.0.3 (ex-toydist), a pythonic packaging solution

David david at
Fri Jul 2 04:38:45 CEST 2010


I am pleased to announce the release 0.0.3 for Bento, the pythonic
packaging solution.

Bento aims at being an alternative to distutils/setuptools/distribute, 
based on a static metadata file format. Existing packages can be 
converted from to bento format automatically.

Wherease the 0.0.2 release was mostly about getting the
simplest-still-useful subset of distutils features, this new release
adds quite a few significant features:

      - Add hooks to customize arbitrary stages in bento (there is a
hackish example which shows how to use waf to build a simple C
extension). The API for this is still in flux, though
      - Parallel and reliable build of C extensions through yaku build
      - One file distribution: no need for your users to install any new
        packages, just include one single file into your package to
        build with bento
      - Improved documentation
      - 2.4 -> 2.7 support, tested on linux/windows/mac os x

You can download bento on github:, 
discussion on bento design/features happens on numpy mailing list



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