ANN: winreg_unicode 0.5.0

Daniel Stutzbach daniel at
Thu Jul 8 23:14:01 CEST 2010

I'm pleased to announce the release of winreg_unicode 0.5.0, the first
release of winreg_unicode.

The winreg_unicode package aims to be a drop-in replacement for Python
2's _winreg module. However, it returns unicode values where possible,
similar to Python 3's winreg module.

To illustrate the need for the winreg_unicode package, suppose an
application must query the registry to discover a filename and the registry
contains the string "međuresorna.txt". Python 2's _winreg module will return
"meduresorna.txt" instead, which is not the actual name of the file.

The winreg_unicode package does not yet contain all of _winreg's functions.
In particular, functions that write to the registry are not yet included.
Code contributions are welcome.

Bug tracker:
Source code:
Daniel Stutzbach, Ph.D.
President, Stutzbach Enterprises, LLC <>

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