mekk.xmind 0.4.0 released

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Sat Jul 10 00:56:22 CEST 2010

mekk.xmind 0.4.0 has just been released

What it is?

mekk.xmind is a pure-Python handler for XMind mind-map files.
It can be used to:

- generate XMind mind-maps from scratch (for example to visualize
  some data as a mind-map),
- modify existing .xmind files,
- parse existing .xmind files and analyze their content.

Mind-map creation example::

    from mekk.xmind import XMindDocument
    OUTPUT = "test.xmind"
    xmind = XMindDocument.create(u"First sheet title", u"Root subject")
    first_sheet = xmind.get_first_sheet()
    root_topic = first_sheet.get_root_topic()
    root_topic.add_subtopic(u"First item")
    root_topic.add_subtopic(u"Second item")
    t = root_topic.add_subtopic(u"Third item")
    t.add_subtopic(u"Second level - 1")
    t.add_subtopic(u"Second level - 2")
    root_topic.add_subtopic(u"Detached topic", detached = True)
    t.add_subtopic(u"Another detached", detached = True)
    root_topic.add_subtopic(u"Link example").set_link("")
    root_topic.add_subtopic(u"Attachment example").set_attachment(
        file("").read(), ".txt")
    root_topic.add_subtopic(u"With note").set_note(
        u"""This is just some dummy note.""")
Mind-map parsing::

    from mekk.xmind import XMindDocument
    xmind ="test.xmind")
    sheet = xmind.get_first_sheet()
    print "Sheet title: ", sheet.get_title()
    root = sheet.get_root_topic()
    print "Root title: ", root.get_title()
    print "Root note: ", root.get_note()
    for topic in root.get_subtopics():
        print "* ", topic.get_title()
        print "   label: ", topic.get_label()
        print "   link: ", topic.get_link()
        print "   markers: ", list(topic.get_markers())
        # topic.get_subtopics() etc

What has changed?

All docstrings were translated to English, plenty of undocumented
methods got their documentation.

A bug which caused failures while opening some XMind 3.1.1 - saved files
has been fixed.


:Source repository and issue tracker:

:XMind home:

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