Announcing Pushy 0.3

axwalk axwalk at
Thu Jul 15 15:45:14 CEST 2010


I am pleased to announce the release of Pushy 0.3. This is the first
announcement for the Pushy project.

Andrew Wilkins.

What is Pushy?

Pushy is a Python package for connecting Python interpreters,
providing each
one access to objects in the other. Pushy provides the novel ability
to spawn
and connect to Python interpreters not only on the local host, but
also on
remote hosts via SSH, requiring nothing but Python and a running SSH
on the remote host.

Pushy also provides a simple Java API, which Java applications can use
spawn and connect to Python processes and access objects within them.

Python support is currently limited to Python 2.4+, and not the 3.x
The Pushy Java API supports Java 1.4+.

Pushy is released exclusively under the MIT License.

 - Source Repository and Issue Tracker:
 - PyPI:
 - Homepage (work in progress):
 - Blog:

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