ANN: PiCloud cloud library 1.9 release

Ken Elkabany ken at
Sun Jun 6 11:39:58 CEST 2010

PiCloud, a cloud computing platform for the Python Programming Language, has
released version 1.9 of its client library, cloud. PiCloud enables Python
users to leverage the power of an on-demand, high performance, and auto
scaling compute cluster with as few as three lines of code! No server
management necessary. You can find out more here:

What's New:
    * Store your data files on the cloud using our cloud.files interface!
    * Greatly reduced the cloud library's memory and cpu usage when sending
large data.
    * Map jobs begin processing before returns--large
performance gains.
    * Persistent user processes has in many cases reduced function overhead
by over 50%.
    * Increased network protocol reliability.
    * Profiling is now disabled by default, but can be enabled with the
_profile keyword.
    * Bug fixes, and much more!

Full service description:
PiCloud is a cloud computing platform that integrates into the Python
Programming Language. It enables you to leverage the compute power of Amazon
Web Services without having to manage, maintain, or configure virtual

PiCloud integrates seamlessly into your existing code base through a custom
Python library, cloud. To offload the execution of a function to the cloud,
all you must do is pass your desired function into the cloud library.
PiCloud will then run the function on its high-performance and
automatically-scaling cluster. We quickly scale our server capacity to meet
your computational needs, and only charge you for the resources you actually
consume. Getting on the cloud has never been this easy!

PiCloud improves the full cycle of software development and deployment.
Functions that are run on PiCloud have their resource usage monitored,
performance analyzed, and errors traced; we further aggregate all your
functions to give you a bird's eye view of your service. Through these
introspective capabilities, PiCloud enables you to develop faster, easier,
and smarter.

Common use cases for our platform:
* Scientific computing
* Video and image encoding
* Statistical analysis of data sets
* Real-time data processing
* Charts and graphs generation


Ken Elkabany
PiCloud, Inc.

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