ANN: mpmath 0.15 released

Fredrik Johansson fredrik.johansson at
Sun Jun 6 17:25:09 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Version 0.15 of mpmath is now available on the website:

It can also be downloaded from the Python Package Index:

Mpmath is a pure-Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point
arithmetic that implements an extensive set of mathematical functions. It
can be used as a standalone library or via SymPy
(, and is also available as a standard
component of Sage ( The versions in Sage
and SymPy will be updated soon.

For details about the new features in this version, see the following
blog post and the changelog:

Briefly, besides many small fixes, 0.15 includes large performance
improvements for transcendental functions, new code for computing the
nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function (contributed by
Juan Arias de Reyna), and many new special functions (including
generalized 2D hypergeometric series, q-functions, and new
elliptic functions). Support for complex interval arithmetic
has also been added.

Extensive documentation is available at: (or

Bug reports and other comments are welcome on the issue tracker at or the mpmath mailing list:

Fredrik Johansson

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