[ANN] mpdecimal-1.2 (with cdecimal module) released

Stefan Krah stefan-usenet at bytereef.org
Sun Jun 6 20:05:03 CEST 2010

License: BSD

Information and Download:




    A fast drop-in replacement for decimal.py. Considered for inclusion
    in py3k, development at:


  Supported Python Versions:

    All versions from 2.5 - 3.2 are supported.

  What's new:

    1) Significantly faster thread local contexts: New speed penalty
       is about 16%.

    2) Various compatibility fixes for context.copy(), initialization from
       DefaultContext and more.

    3) IEEEContext() factory function for creating interchange format contexts.



    A fast arbitrary precision library implementing Mike Cowlishaw's (IBM's)
    General Decimal Arithmetic Specification.

  What's new:

    1) Support for non-x64 compilers with __uint128_t (Example: gcc/ppc64).

    2) General support for non-x64 64-bit compilers.

    3) Support for legacy compilers without uint64_t.

  Bug fixes:

    1) Fix for mpd_qround_to_int, which did not handle digits
       exceeding the context precision correctly in all cases.

    2) In rare corner cases Underflow was not set in
       transcendental functions.


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