luban 0.2b1

Jiao Lin linjiao at
Thu Jun 10 19:47:46 CEST 2010

Luban ( is a python package for building (web) user interface. 

* Dynamic, ajax-based web application can be created from pure python (no knowledge of javascript/ajax/etc is required)
* A set of widgets including (but not limit to) 
 - document
 - form
 - accordion
 - newsticker
 - a lot more --- see demo and API of widgets at
* Multiple user interfaces (web, native) from one source code (the native UI renderer is still experimental)

Examples of web applications built by using luban:
* vnf ( Virtual neutron facility: A web portal of neutron scattering data analysis and simulation tools
* aokuang ( A demo of luban API
* More at

What is new in 0.2 release beta 1: 
* available with easy_install
* API demo at
* Auto-testing through buildbot+selenium
* more widgets etc --- more details at

* Homepage:
* Concepts:
* Installation:
* Demos:
* Tutorials:
* API: and
* Roadmap:

Bug reports and any comments are very much appreciated! Thanks.

Jiao Lin
linjiao at

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