ANN: 3to2 0.1

Joe Amenta amentajo at
Tue Jun 15 20:07:11 CEST 2010

I am proud to announce the first non-alpha, non-beta release of lib3to2!

(on PyPI: )

(on PyPI: )

* Development on lib3to2 is now done in Python 3, and 2.x releases are provided
  by backporting with 3to2 itself.
* The 2.7 release will actually run on versions as far back as Python 2.5, if a
  sufficiently recent version of lib2to3 is provided (e.g., from the Python 2.7

The issue tracker can be found on bitbucket:
Please post any bugs that you find with this release.

--Joe Amenta
(airbreather / amentajo)

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