Become a Python contributor at PyOhio (correction)

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at
Tue Jun 15 23:20:07 CEST 2010

[Updating the previous announcement, because there are not one but TWO
PyOhio talks just for potential Python contributors.]

Become a Python contributor at PyOhio
Working *in* Python is awesome. Are you ready to work *on* Python?

The quality of Python and the Standard Library depend on volunteers who fix
bugs and make improvements to the codebase. If you're interested in joining
these volunteers, good for you! Information on core development is right on
Python's homepage.

However, if you'd like an in-person boost to get you started, come to PyOhio
this July 31 - August 3. Two talks will get you up to speed on Python
contribution: "Intro to Core Involvement" and "Teach Me Python Bugfixing".
Next come two evenings and two full days of Python core sprinting, so you
can put your new skills to use with plenty of helpers around.

It's classroom learning and real-life practice at one free event! See you

Core development:
Intro to Core Development:
Teach Me Python Bugfixing:
PyOhio sprints:

- Catherine
*** PyOhio 2010 * July 31 - Aug 1 * Columbus, OH * ***

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