Michael McKerns mmckerns at caltech.edu
Tue Jun 29 04:22:06 CEST 2010

pox: utilities for filesystem exploration and automated builds


# Version
0.1a1: 06/28/10

# Highlights
First alpha version for initial release.

Pox provides utilities for discovering the user's environment::
    - return the user's name, current shell, and path to user's home
    - strip duplicate entries from the user's $PATH
    - lookup and expand environment variables from ${VAR} to 'value'

Pox also provides utilities for filesystem exploration and manipulation::
    - discover the path to a file, exectuable, directory, or symbolic link
    - discover the path to an installed package
    - parse operating system commands for remote shell invocation
    - convert text files to platform-specific formatting

  - User's Guide with tutorials
  - online Reference Manual


Mike McKerns
California Institute of Technology

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