Michael McKerns mmckerns at
Tue Jun 29 04:15:51 CEST 2010

pathos: a framework for heterogeneous computing

# Version
0.1a1: 06/28/10

# Highlights
First alpha version for initial release.

Pathos provides a configurable distributed parallel-map reduce interface
to launching RPC service calls, with::
    - a map-reduce interface that extends the python 'map' standard
    - the ability to submit service requests to a selection of servers
    - the ability to tunnel server communications with ssh
    - automated load-balancing between multiprocessing and RPC servers

The pathos core is built on low-level communication to remote hosts using
ssh. The interface to ssh, scp, and ssh-tunneled connections can::
    - configure and launch remote processes with ssh
    - configure and copy file objects with scp
    - establish an tear-down a ssh-tunnel

To get up and running quickly, pathos also provides infrastructure to::
    - easily establish a ssh-tunneled connection to a RPC server

  - User's Guide with tutorials
  - online Reference Manual


Mike McKerns
California Institute of Technology

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