BetterBatch 0.9.5 released - Added For loops and Parallel sections

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Mon Mar 1 16:12:20 CET 2010

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The 0.9.5 release of BetterBatch is now available.

BetterBatch is designed as a middle ground between batch files and more powerful
languages (Python, shell scripting, etc).

The project is hosted on

Download from
Or discuss at

Here is the list of changes from the last release:

0.9.5 Added For loops and Parallel sections
 * Huge refactoring of the code. Removed Step.replace_vars() methods and 
   instead added a 'phase' parameter to execute. This makes the code simpler
   and reduces some duplication. Testing is now done by using 
   ``step.exectute(..., phase = "test")`` and execution by using 
   ``step.exectute(..., phase = "run")``.
 * Escape < and > in the output of commands.
 * Add many new tests overall coverage now 95%.
 * Added debug option (prints tracebacks on error).
 * Fixed `issue 1 <>`_

If you want to check at the home page. If you find an bug or have a suggestions
then please log an issue at


<P><A HREF="">BetterBatch 0.9.5</A>
Powerful, safe and simple batch language. (01-Mar-2010)

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