Pygments 1.3 "Schneeglöckchen" released

Georg Brandl georg.brandl at
Mon Mar 1 21:30:18 CET 2010

I've just uploaded the Pygments 1.3 packages to CheeseShop. Pygments is a
generic syntax highlighter written in Python.

Download it from <>, or look at the
demonstration at <>.

As always, many thanks go to Tim Hatch for writing or integrating many
of the bug fixes and new features in this release.  Of course, thanks
to all other contributors too!

Feature changelog:

- Added the ``ensurenl`` lexer option, which can be used to suppress the
  automatic addition of a newline to the lexer input.

- Lexers added:

  * Ada
  * Coldfusion
  * Modula-2
  * haXe
  * R console
  * Objective-J
  * Haml and Sass
  * CoffeeScript

- Enhanced reStructuredText highlighting.

- Added support for PHP 5.3 namespaces in the PHP lexer.

- Added a bash completion script for `pygmentize`, to the external/
  directory (#466).


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