betterbatch 0.9.7 released - Functions, negative conditions, Setup/Installer and test fixes

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Sun Mar 7 14:34:09 CET 2010


The 0.9.7 release of BetterBatch is now available.

BetterBatch is designed as a middle ground between batch files and more powerful
languages (Python, shell scripting, etc).

The project is hosted on

Download from
Or discuss at

Here is the list of changes from the last release:

0.9.7 Functions, negative conditions, Setup/Installer and test fixes
 * Add preliminary support for Functions, give it a try and let me know.
 * Add support for negative conditions for IfSteps.  (e.g. if not exists, 
   if not defined, etc)
 * Add a supported qualifier to VariableDefinition Steps to allow delayed
   resolution for Variable references.
 * Allow defined to use <var_name> as well as var_name. (usability)
 * Due to a case issues (tools/Tools) the betterbatch\tools folder
   was left out of the distribution. There was also a bug that
   meant when this folder wasn't found BetterBatch would not run. (fixed in 0.9.6b)
 * Fix the old tests (change what could be changed and comment
   out the rest)
 * Change so that Setuptools will be used if it is 
   available - otherwise docutils. (fixed in 0.9.6b)
 * Add a -t/--timed option to print how long the script took
   to execute.
 * Fix to include/exclude more files. (fixed in 0.9.6b)
 * Cleaned up the the output messages of PathExists(), PathNotExists() and 
 * Ensured that the Testing phase is more silent (some messages that should 
   only be displayed during execution phase were being logged)
 * Some other small fixes.
 * Many thanks to Yuhui for pointing out many of these issues on the 
   mail list.

If you want to check at the home page. If you find an bug or have a suggestions
then please log an issue at


<P><A HREF="">BetterBatch 0.9.7</A>
Powerful, safe and simple batch language. (07-Mar-2010)

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