notmm 0.3.4 Happy Lady

Etienne Robillard robillard.etienne at
Tue Mar 9 16:06:45 CET 2010


I'm glad to announce the release of notmm v0.3.4, the Python web
framework for jobless perfectionists with deadlines!

notmm is for those that are getting bored to ride ponies. Snake oil and
batteries are of courses included. Documentation is still being
a project of its own, though..

Below are the official release notes:

notmm-0.3.4 (Happy Lady)

In this release, many new improvements and issues
have been fixed.

- Generic and improved AuthKit support
- Added a new Schevo authentication backend for use with AuthKit.
- A Non-SQL, ORM construction kit based on Schevo in
- Session cookies management (SessionController) in requests/responses.
- Custom authentication and authorization support (LoginController).

Changes from

- Helper apps (wsgiapp and wikiapp) have been refactored a lot.
- Helper apps now have their own script (contrib/
- New ``RegexURLMap`` class in ``notmm.controllers.routing``.
- Backward incompatible with Django 1.0.2. Please update to Django 1.1
or later.
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Download location 1 (pypi):
Download location 2 (main site):

Enjoy this release! :)


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