[ANN] TurboGears 1.1.1 released

Christoph Zwerschke cito at online.de
Mon Mar 22 00:30:04 CET 2010

On behalf of the TurboGears Team, I am pleased to announce that
TurboGears 1.1.1 is available for download at


and the Python package index


TurboGears 1.1.1 is the first bugfix release of the TurboGears 1.1
branch, which is the evolution of the TurboGears 1 codebase. The 1.1
branch uses SQLAlchemy as the default database layer and Genshi as
the standard templating engine, just like TurboGears 2.0, while keeping 
full backward compatibility with TurboGears 1.0.

What is TurboGears?

TurboGears is a rapid development, "front-to-back", open source web
meta-framework. Its aim is to simplify and speed up the development of
modern web applications written in the Python programming language.

TurboGears is designed around the model-view-controller architecture,
much like Struts or Ruby on Rails, and takes the best Python web
components available (hence "meta-framework") and combines them into one
easy-to-install, documented whole.

What's new?

For a comprehensive list of changes, as always, see the changelog in
our Trac at


How to install?

The easiest way to install TurboGears 1.1.1 is via setuptools:

     [sudo] easy_install -f http://turbogears.org/download/ TurboGears

We recommend that you install TurboGears into its own virtual
environment using the virtualenv tool:

     [sudo] easy_install virtualenv
     virtualenv --no-site-packages /path/to/tgenv
     source /path/to/tgenv/bin/activate
     easy_install -f http://turbogears.org/download/ TurboGears

How is it related to TurboGears 2?

TurboGears 1.1.1 is based on the original TG 1.0 codebase and still uses 
CherryPy 2 as the underlying web application server. It is fully 
backward compatible with TG 1.0; porting an application using SQLObject 
and Kid to use SQLAlchemy and Genshi is easiliy achieved.

TurboGears 2 has almost the same API as TurboGears 1, but builds on
Pylons as the underlying web engine. Most new development for TurboGears
now happens in version 2, but we will continue to provide bugfix 
releases for the TG 1.1 branch as well, and we are also working on a TG 
1.5 branch which will be based on CherryPy 3 instead of CherryPy 2. Our 
current roadmap for the TG 1.5 branch is here:


Share & enjoy!

-- Christoph Zwerschke

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