astng 0.20.0 and pylint 0.20.0 releases

Emile Anclin emile.anclin at
Tue Mar 23 18:46:46 CET 2010


We are happy to announce astng 0.20.0 and pylint 0.20.0 releases.

Pylint is a static code checker 
based on Astng, both depending on logilab-common 0.49.

Astng builds an enhanced 
Abstract Syntax Tree for Pylint.

Astng 0.20.0 is a major refactoring and speed improvement, all along 
fixing a lot of important bugs:

Pylint 0.20.0 uses the new Astng, and fixes a lot of bugs too, adding some 
new functionalities:

#5564: Parameters with leading "_" shouldn't count as "local" variables
#18860: warn on assert( a, b ?)
#9776: warning if return or break inside a finally
#9982: specific message for NotImplemented exception

For a full list, check

We would like to thank all people who contributed to this release,


* Colin Moris' patch closed #9263: no W0613 for __init__ (method does not 
  use all of its arguments)

* Johnson Fletcher implemented #18860, new W0199 message on assert (a, b)

* Daniel Harding, Jonathan Hartley and Pierre Rouleau solved the windows 
  batch files problems.

* Chmouel Boudjnah solved #19339: pylint.el : non existing py-mod-map


* Edward K. Ream / Tom Fleck patch closes #19641 (maximum recursion depth
  exceeded) .

* Winfried Plapper pointed out and fixed bugs in astng.nodes_as_string .

Also, we would thank all people who found new bugs, added interesting 
tickets and helped with their suggestions to improve pylint and keep the 
project alive.

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