rst2pdf 0.14 released!

Roberto Alsina ralsina at
Wed Mar 24 05:47:27 CET 2010

It's my pleasure to announce that I just uploaded rst2pdf 0.14 to the site at

Rst2pdf is a program and a library to convert restructured text directly into 
PDF using Reportlab.

It supports True Type and Type 1 font embedding, most raster and vector image 
formats, source code highlighting, arbitrary text frames in a page, cascading 
stylesheets, the full restructured text syntax and much, much more.

It also includes a sphinx extension so you can use it to generate PDFs from 
documents built with Sphinx. 

In case of problems, please report them in the Issue tracker 
( or the mailing list 

This release fixes several bugs and adds some minor features compared to 
0.13.2. Here are some of the changes:

* Fixed Issue 197: Table borders were confusing.
* Fixed Issue 297: styles from default.json leaked onto other syntax
  highlighting stylesheets.
* Fixed Issue 295: keyword replacement in headers/footers didn't work
  if ###Page### and others was inside a table. 
* New feature: oddeven directive to display alternative content on
  odd/even pages (good for headers/footers!)
* Switched all stylesheets to more readable RSON format.
* Fixed Issue 294: Images were deformed when only height was specified.
* Fixed Issue 293: Accept left/center/right as alignments in stylesheets.
* Fixed Issue 292: separate style for line numbers in codeblocks
* Fixed Issue 291: support class directive for codeblocks
* Fixed Issue 104: total number of pages in header/footer works in
  all cases now.
* Fixed Issue 168: linenos and linenothreshold options in Sphinx now
  work correctly.
* Fixed regression in 0.12 (interaction between rst2pdf and sphinx math)
* Documented extensions in the manual
* Better styling of bullets/items (Issue 289)
* Fixed Issue 290: don't fail on broken images
* Better font finding in windows (patch by techtonik, Issue 282). 
* Fixed Issue 166: Implemented Sphinx's hlist (horizontal lists)
* Fixed Issue 284: Implemented production lists for sphinx
* Fixed Issue 165: Definition lists not properly indented inside
  admonitions or tables.
* SVG Images work inline when using the inkscape extension.
* Fixed Issue 268: TOCs shifted to the left on RL 2.4
* Fixed Issue 281: sphinx test automation was broken
* Fixed Issue 280: wrong page templates used in sphinx


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