Summer Python Training Courses with @dabeaz

David Beazley dave at
Wed May 5 03:09:47 CEST 2010

		** Upcoming Python Training Courses **
			Chicago - Summer 2010

David Beazley, author of the "Python Essential Reference", is pleased to
announce the following training courses for Summer 2010.  

- Python Networking and Distributed Computing
  June 21-23, 2010

- Jamming with Django : An Introduction
  with Chad Glendenin and Rodrigo Guzman
  June 24, 2010

- Introduction to Python Programming
  July 13-15, 2010

- Advanced Python Mastery
  August 17-19, 2010

These courses are strictly limited to 6 students and offer a highly
personalized training experience is unlike any other. 

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