IMAPClient 0.6 released

Menno Smits menno at
Tue May 11 15:18:31 CEST 2010

IMAPClient aims to be a easy-to-use, Pythonic and complete IMAP client
library with no dependencies outside the Python standard library.


   * Arguments and return values are natural Python types.
   * IMAP server responses are fully parsed and readily usable.
   * IMAP unique message IDs (UIDs) are handled transparently. There is
     no need to call different methods to use UIDs.
   * Escaping for internationalised mailbox names is transparently
     handled. Unicode mailbox names may be passed as input wherever a
     folder name is accepted.
   * Time zones are transparently handled including when the server and
     client are in different zones.
   * Convenience methods are provided for commonly used functionality.
   * Exceptions are raised when errors occur. No need to check return

IMAPClient is licensed under the new BSD license.

Highlights for version 0.6
* Completely new response parsing code. Complex response items like
   BODYSTRUCTURE and ENVELOPE are now handled properly and interaction
   with the Gmail and MS Exchange IMAP implementations works correctly.
* Support for the COPY command
* Support for the XLIST extension (used by Gmail)
* select_folder() now returns a parsed response containing all
   reported details about the selected folder.
* The return value from list_folders(), list_sub_folders() and
   xlist_folders() now include the IMAP folder flags and folder
* Handling of internationalised folder names has been cleaned
   up. Folder names now are always returned as unicode strings.
* Many bug fixes.

Further Details
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