ANN: Yappi(Yet Another Python Profiler) 0.51 released

Sumer Cip sumerc at
Sat May 15 12:36:03 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Yappi (Yet Another Python Profiler) 0.51 released. See the version

    * OPTIMIZATION:Use per-pit cpc for better accuracy in different
timing_sample values. Now timing_sample is not linearly decreasing the
timing accuracy for most of the applications tested. We reduced the
runtime of the profiler from 3.2 secs to 0.7 by giving away ~%2 timing
accuracy. This means yappi can now run 4x-7x times faster than the
standart cProfile by increasing timing_sample values with very little
accuracy defect.
    * Python 2.6.5 gives import yappi Dll load failed error. This is
due to VC2008 compile. Unfortunately, we need to use VC Express Mingw
is not working because of MSVCR dll files on 2.6.5 on some machines.
    * Use snprintf for stat handling code. There may be some buffer
overflow situations. Use PyOS_snprintf for platform differences.
(Thanks to Dave Peticolas)
    * Format stat STRINGs from left, instead of right. (Thanks to Dave
    * OPTIMIZATION:Move ctx calculation code to callback function.
Optimize call_XXX functions as much as possible.
    * Move timing calculation code from header to the C file.
    * MACRO defining code in is broken for some compilers,
use DEFINE_MACRO keyword.
    * OPTIMIZATION:Disable HASH table linked list swapping code, it is
not adapting to the profiler nature very well. Rollback to simple hash-

See below for more and download:


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