ANN : svgplotlib 0.1

Runar Tenfjord runar.tenfjord at
Wed Nov 3 12:34:32 CET 2010

**svgplotlib** is a lightweight python package for creating SVG graphs
and charts.

The TEX package and freetype extension have been ported from matplotlib.
Compared to matplotlib the dependency om numpy have been removed.

Homepage :
Download :

 * General SVG support
 * Support a subset of TEX syntax similar to matplotlib.
 * Inlines font glyps in SVG file for consistent results.
 * Pie chart
 * Bar chart
 * Gantt chart
 * XY plot
 * date plot

<P><A HREF="">svgplotlib
0.1</A>svgplotlib is a lightweight python package for creating SVG
graphs and charts.  (03-Nov-10)

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